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Feline Friday #1 – Meet my Kitties!


This sweetie is the oldest of my furbabies. She’s currently five years old, and we adopted her from a home overcrowded with kittens. Zen started out as the runt of her litter. She was tiny and malnutritioned; it was truly heartbreaking to see. But, I’m very happy to say, Zen is the picture of health now! She is at a healthy weight, and she gets plenty of food, along with love.

Even though we have three other kitties in the house, Zen is the queen bee. Without a doubt. She is always so sweet to us, but the other cats; not so much. Zenny can go from being a nurturing mother cat one second, to lashing out the next. Regardless, she sincerely loves us, as well as the other kitties.


Kash is the first member of our bro duo! We adopted him alongside his brother, Karma, when they were just several weeks old. We’ve had the privilege of watching both boys grow from little fluff balls, into big tom cats. Speaking of big, Kash currently weighs 13 pounds; he’s barely over a year old! Like I said, they’re big boys.

Personality wise, Kash is a huge sweetheart. He showers the other cats with affection and love, giving them groomings on a regular basis. He’s always gentle, even when his friends are being feisty. And he adores belly rubs! Kash will seek us out for them, sprinting after us as we go about the house. It’s incredibly endearing.


Karma is feisty, feisty, feisty. He enjoys pats, until he doesn’t. He can go from loving a good pet or belly rub, to trying to swipe at people. Karma also has all kinds of swag to back that fierceness up. And even when he’s upset, Karma is still adorable.

Despite the outward feistiness, he’s a sweetie deep down. Karma loves to cuddle with his brother, and he rests with my mom almost every night. Recently, Karma even started letting my brother hold him for prolonged amounts of time. And boy, this kitty loves his treats; Karma will come running as soon as he hears the bag shake. Needless to say, we love our little sass king.


Bell, or Bellatrix, is the kitty we most recently adopted; she’s been with us for about eight months now. And already, Bell is a part of the family. We love our little Bella girl.

She’s very agile and can jump to our highest cabinet. Bell also has a habit of standing on her hind legs, much like a meerkat would. In addition, she’ll often slink under the couch like a kitty ninja. Sometimes, she stays under there and rests for hours. Bell is an adorable kitty with endearing quirks!


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      1. Hehe, well if I tell u if they all start living together they don’t hurt each other. They become the frnd. I hv read some stories were dog n cats live together. Are u on Instagram, if you like pls share the id name or find me- bloggersend

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  1. Yes I know you followed me back, thank u so much. Now we can talk there no need to play comment comment. I visited ur profile u don’t write there, u share the pics, that’s something new I know to know about u. Pls accept my msg request too.

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