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Feline Friday #2 – Cute Kitty Nicknames!

With four kitties in the house, you can bet we have distinct nicknames for each cat. Some are seemingly random, some stick permanently, and others, not so much. They range from cute nicknames, to somewhat strange ones. And some, you probably wouldn’t understand without background information. So, here’s a list of the nicknames my family and I have for each of our cats!


  • Zenny (probably the most common name)
  • Zenny Bee
  • Zenebeezer
  • Zenner
  • Zennifer
  • Zenigata (after the Lupin the III character)
  • Zenna Baby


  • Kashy (another very common one)
  • Kashy Bean
  • Dashy Kashy (when he chases us for belly rubs)
  • Kashew Chicken
  • Kashy Boo
  • Kashens
  • Kashy Boy
  • Big Boy (he is indeed our biggest kitty, weighing 13 pounds)
  • Big Floofer (he’s so soft and floofy)


  • Karmy (again, quite common)
  • Karm
  • Karma Boo
  • Karma Macchiato (because it sounds like carmel macchiato)
  • Macchi (derived from the above nickname)
  • Mr. Macchiato (also derived from Karma Macchiato)
  • Karma Sandiego (a play on the character, Carmen Sandiego)


  • Belly
  • Bella
  • Bella-bu
  • Jelly Belly (mostly used by my brother)
  • Trixie (derived from her full name, Bellatrix)
  • Belsa (a play on the Frozen character, Elsa)
  • Bella Meow-meow

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