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A Single Wish

Photo by Nita on A single wish,Of the most pure, pristine kind,Always left unfulfilledYearning for somethingSo much, it consumes your soul,Flames that burn inA glorious eternityCountless hardshipsAnd boundless adversitiesStand in the way,Trying to muffleSuch beautiful lightYet, that longingIs never snuffedNo matter what,It burns valiantly onA wish so pure,It can never truly die © 19… Continue reading A Single Wish

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Photo by Hakan Erenler on In the dense darkness of night,Candles stay alightAlthough their wicks shorten,And their flames dwindle,The candles burn on,Pillars of lightTo guide the lostNo matter how the embers fray,Always, the candles continue to breathe,Swathed in a valiant struggleOf light and darkThey go on untilThe very end © 06 November 2019, by… Continue reading Candles

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Feline Friday #1 – Meet my Kitties!

Zen This sweetie is the oldest of my furbabies. She's currently five years old, and we adopted her from a home overcrowded with kittens. Zen started out as the runt of her litter. She was tiny and malnutritioned; it was truly heartbreaking to see. But, I’m very happy to say, Zen is the picture of… Continue reading Feline Friday #1 – Meet my Kitties!

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What I’m Thankful For – Everyday Gratitude

Although I have my fair share of struggles, there are many things I'm thankful for. And that feeling of gratitude never lessens, even as the holiday season does. It's a sensation I experience year round, in many different aspects of my life. So, to celebrate, here's a list of what I’m most grateful for!