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Never-ending Holidays

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Oh, look at that
Halloween, my favorite holiday,
Over for another year
Time to relax and recuperate
Oh, what's that, you say?
The Thanksgiving decorations are already out again!?
Scratch that, then
Time to rush out and spill more money
After a lovely feast and celebration with family
Finally, Thanksgiving is over
Surely, now it's time to rest
Oh no, of course not
Because what now?
That's right!
Time for Christmas decorations!
Time to dash, avoid holiday traffic,
For that festive decor
Stress, pressure, financial debts piling up
No chance to rest
Until Christmas concludes
With another beautiful dinner
And another sweet celebration
It's all over
An opportunity to relax,
To rest weary bones
At least until Easter rolls around, that is

© 12 December 2018, by Haley Scully

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