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Feline Friday #4 – Throwback to the Kitten Days!

This is a throwback to when my cats were just tiny, floofy kittens. We adopted all of our kitties when they were only several weeks old, with the exception of Bell. She was about a year old when we brought her home. Of course, I adore my cats no matter what age they are.

But, there was something so pure and special about seeing them as kittens, just beginning to explore their world. A part of me misses the days when my kitties were little fluff balls stumbling around the house. Deep down, I’ll always treasure those memories.


At merely a few weeks old, we adopted Zen from a large litter of kittens. Judging by the size of her siblings, we believe Zen was the runt of the litter. She may have also been malnourished at the time, due to her runt status. Fortunately, Zen is perfectly healthy these days, and although she’s still our smallest cat, it’s a healthy weight for her.

Kash & Karma

When they were around eight weeks old, my family and I adopted these bros. Technically, we brought Karma home first. Then, we absolutely fell in love with him, and wanted to bring one of Karma’s siblings back, too. That’s how we ended up with floofy Kash. To this day, we’re so glad we have both these precious boys.


As I said before, Bell is the only cat we didn’t adopt as a kitten. At the time, she was estimated to be one year old. Even though we’ve had her for just eight months, Bell is just as much a part of our family as the other kitties. In addition, she has gone through a bit of a growth spurt; Bell was definitely smaller when we first adopted her. But, she’s still a little cutie!

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