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The Holiday Movie That Sticks with Me

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My absolute favorite holiday movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas. To me, Christmas isn’t complete without watching this at least once. Danny Elfman did a fantastic job of providing Jack Skellington’s singing voice and composing the overall soundtrack. His performance adds so much soul to the movie, and really stands out.

The rest of the cast, including Catherine O’Hara as Sally, and Chris Sarandon as Jack’s regular voice, did a great job as well. In addition, the songs from this film are wonderful, and have stuck with me for years. I even find myself randomly humming along to them, sometimes.

Furthermore, the stop-motion claymation that was used for it adds a very unique, charming aesthetic. Overall, I feel that The Nightmare Before Christmas is a movie with so much heart behind it. This film truly makes the holiday season complete for my family and I. 

Let me know, do you have any favorite holiday movies? Why are they so special to you? Drop a comment about them down below. I’d love to hear your stories!

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