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My Aspirations and Goals for 2020

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Just earlier this week, a year ended, and a new decade began. With this significant change, I’ve been thinking about what I want to do in 2020; the goals I want to accomplish, the activities I want to make more time for. After pondering it for a little while, I believe I’ve come up with a solid list. So, here are my biggest hopes and aspirations for 2020.

1. Make More Time for Things I Love

Over the past year, I’ve been working more and taking on further responsibilities, such as this blog. Of course, working more has allowed me to earn more money. However, it’s also left less time for the hobbies I deeply love. Slowly, I’ve noticed that I spend most of each day working.

This cuts down time I have for watching anime, playing video games, and several other activities. In turn, I’m not as happy or fulfilled as I used to be. I’m working and doing things that will most likely help me in the future. But, I’m doing few things I genuinely enjoy. So, one of my main goals is to better manage my time and tasks throughout the year. If I can achieve this, I should have more time to participate in hobbies, as well as a better life balance.

My loved ones are also a huge part of my life, and I want to make more time for them, too. I want us to have more time together; more time interacting and talking, without screens involved. Really, what this goal boils down to, is me wanting to achieve and maintain a better work-life balance. I want to find a rhythm that works better for me, and what I want out of life.

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2. Participate in More Arts and Crafts

Honestly, I’m not the craftiest person out there; I never have been. But, I want to work on and hone those skills. I’ll never be able to do that unless I take the plunge and try. There are so many art types I want to learn, or at least attempt.

I want to learn how to properly apply glitter to Funko Pops and other figures. I want to get a better handle on sewing. Ultimately, I just want to improve at crafting things with my own two hands.

3. Write on a Regular Basis

So far, I’ve been doing okay with this. But, I know I can write more, and I want to do so. I miss the time when I wrote at least one new piece almost every day. Recently, I went through a bit of a writing slump. During that time, I wasn’t writing much. I’d finally write a new poem every few days, if that.

This disappoints me, as I know there are so many ideas brewing in my head. There are new ones forming constantly. I just need to force myself to write; even if it’s a single line, even if it isn’t that good, I need to write something. I’ve realized that sitting around and waiting for the right words to come, only stunts my growth as a writer. And the best way to improve is to write all the time.

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4. Clear Out the Clutter

Over the past several years, I’ve been buying stuff like crazy. I’ve been purchasing subscription boxes, which usually leave me with a handful of impractical items I don’t really need. Certain things, I’ve bought mostly because they were cheap. As you can probably imagine, this has left me with a lot of clutter.

My room has developed into a bit of a mess, and the majority of that mess, is products I don’t really need or want. So, I want to start listing those items on platforms like eBay and Amazon. That way, I can cut down on clutter while making a bit of extra money.

5. Do More with My Blog

This goes along with my earlier aspiration of writing more. If I write more, I’ll have more content for my blog. And if I write more, most likely, my skills will improve. I appreciate each and every one of you that follows, likes, reads, or looks at my posts. That truly means so much.

I want to give back to you all by providing the best content I possibly can. So, what will this include? As I stated before, I want to write on a more regular basis. In addition, my goal is to create a greater variety of poetry by branching into different types. I’d like to try writing more tanka, along with trying limericks and sonnets.

Well, that was my list of goals for the year! Please tell me what you think of them, and let me know about your own 2020 aspirations in the comments below. I’d love to hear about your goals!

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