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Artist Admiration #1 – Amber/PonderingWhimsy

Photo by Amber/PonderingWhimsy

Today marks my first Artist Admiration feature, and I’m very excited to introduce our guest for it! An incredibly sweet, kind, and talented artist, Miss Amber (or PonderingWhimsy), is our first ever guest here on the blog! I’ve been following Amber on Twitter for a while now, and that’s where we started talking, as well. I’m so glad to have her as a friend.

While following Amber, I’ve seen quite a bit of her art, and let me tell you, it is just amazing! Her work perfectly captures the beauty and majesty of nature. It always brings a smile to my face. I can’t wait for you to meet Amber, and experience her art, too!

Meet Amber

Tell me a little about yourself! Include your background, hobbies, whatever you’re comfortable with.

Hello, I’m Amber! I’m a 26 year old self-taught artist, who lives off-grid! I love art, music, nature, animals, and books! I’m a big fan of Tolkien, Jane Austen, Marvel, Disney, Anime, BTS and Pokémon (among other nerdy things.) My hobbies include: Gardening, reading, occasional drawing, and attempting to teach myself various instruments.

What type of art/craft do you make?

Jewelry, Sculptures, Miniatures

What supplies and materials do you use?

Mostly polymer clay and acrylic paints.

How long have you been participating in arts/crafts?

For clay, since 2013. I’ve enjoyed crafts since I was a child.

What fandoms and/or OC’s do you create art for?

All my art is original and from my own mind.

When did you first start making art, and what inspired you to do so?

I started making art in 2013. After a long series of traumatic events, art was the first thing I took interest in when I began to heal. I saw a picture of a beautiful ooak doll online (though I am very sad that I cannot remember which one now.) I saw in the title that she was made of something called “polymer clay.” So I decided to look up what that was and, BAM, I took a sudden strong interest in it. I have loved sculpting ever since!

Who are your favorite artists?

I honestly have so many favorite artists, here are just a few! ElvenRoseDesigns makes beautiful elven wire-wrapped jewelry, they would fit in perfectly in Middle-Earth! JaredDartandDesign makes stunning landscape and resin pour paintings! Lumichee, creator of the absolutely adorable mousemoth plushies, I adore! Bella.Enchanted.Studios (Instagram) for her amazing dragon sculptures! Neronai_Clay, another amazing sculptor whom I’ve looked up to! Adore in store makes the cutest figurines! CreaturesOfNat makes incredible, realistic pose-able creatures! Fireflypath makes gorgeous fantasy gowns and accessories which inspire me!

What has been the most rewarding part of your artist journey?

Definitely talking with other artists! It has been so amazing and humbling to interact with so many wonderful, brilliant, hardworking people who share my passion for art! Many of whom I have admired for years, to now speak with them, and receive advice/feedback from them, has been a dream-like experience. I’m extremely grateful for their guidance and kindness towards those of us just beginning our artistic journeys!

What has been the most challenging aspect of your artist journey?

The two years when all of my art supplies had to be placed in storage while I traveled.

-That and pushing through self-doubt. I think now and then we all fall into the habit of comparing our art with another’s, which can lead us to question our own abilities. Not at all a helpful way of thinking. I just have to remind myself that we are each on our own journey, it’s a beautiful thing that no artist’s work is the same as anyone else’s. It’s ok if I’m not as skilled as I want to be in my craft, I will get there eventually! 🙂

How do you overcome artist’s block/lack of inspiration?

I read my favorite books, watch my favorite movies, listen to my favorite music, and take long walks through the forest to recharge my inspiration! I find that if I’m busy doing something peaceful and simple, that brings me joy, it breaks down the barriers and allows my creativity to flow again.

What most inspires you and your work?

Living off-grid in a forest up in the mountains has done wonders for my creativity! Most of my work is nature-based with fantasy elements, I see inspiration all around me. Listening to the birds singing, looking up through the tree branches and I walk below them, you can’t help but feel a spark of inspiration ignite. Is that a face in the tree stump? Does the wind suddenly sound like flutes playing? The texture of that rock makes one wonder if dragon scales would not look similar?

How does creating art make you feel?

Creating art is a very healing thing for me. All of my worries and fears seem to disappear the moment my hands touch the clay. It’s extremely therapeutic, and it’s amazing to watch what you are capable of, turning a lump of clay into a piece of art!

What’s your favorite piece of art (that you’ve made)? 

I think it is a tie between two of my creations, one is an elven-inspired pendant, and the other is a fantasy seahorse/dragon.

The elven pendant is in the shape of a shield, it has details of entwining brown/bronze branches, golden leaves, and 3 soft, light burgundy roses crowning the top, each encasing a tiny glass gem. It rests upon a brown layered organza ribbon necklace strap.

The seahorse/dragon is a silver serpent with a unicorn horn, large rainbow fantasy-film fins and blue shimmering eyes. It “floats” on a carousel pole above a sky-painted wooden base. It’s my biggest and most time-consuming sculpture, but I enjoyed every moment of it’s creation.

What are some long-term and/or short-term goals you have for your art?

I reached one of my long-term goals last year, I opened my own Etsy shop! I hope to continue growing my business and someday turn my passion into a full-time career.

Get to Know Amber Better!

This is a series of interest based questions I had for Amber!

Cats or dogs (or both)?


Pen or pencil?

Mechanical pencil

Movie or book?


Pumpkin spice or apple?

Pumpkin Spice

Fall or spring?


Outdoors or indoors?


Introvert or extrovert?


Pokemon or Animal Crossing?


Music or audiobooks?


Amber’s Social Links

My Etsy Shop:

My Twitter:

Follow the links above to check out Amber’s Twitter account, along with her Etsy shop! You can follow her on Twitter for fantastic art updates and pictures. And you can visit Amber’s store to see the wonderful pieces of art she already has for sale! Let’s support this amazingly talented artist!

It was so lovely talking with Amber! She really is a wonderful person and artist. Huge, huge thanks to her for participating!!! I really appreciate it, Amber.

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