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Feline Friday #10 – Zen As a Kitten!

We initially adopted Zen from a family with a big litter of kittens. It seemed like she might have been thirsty and malnourished; Zen was probably the runt out of 11 or so kittens. Additionally, when we took her to the vet, Zen turned out to have a whole plethora of health issues. For example, she had ear mites and tapeworm, among other conditions.

Luckily, we got Zen all taken care of as soon as possible, and she’s been in good health ever since. It just took many vet visits, and lots of medicine (which Zenny didn’t like, unsurprisingly). But, Iā€™m so glad we have this sweet little kitty in our lives. Zen is so loving and cute, she cuddles with all of us. Although she’s now five years old, Zen is still so tiny, too!


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