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A Valentine’s Day Love Note

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Valentine’s Day is one of those complicated holidays people either love, abhor, or feel indifferent towards. Personally, I think it’s a fine holiday; I don’t feel particularly attached to it, but I don’t dislike the day, either. My family and I have never done much to celebrate the holiday, outside of exchanging a few small gifts or going out to eat together. We do many things throughout the year to show our appreciation for one another. So, Valentine’s Day doesn’t feel quite as important for us. 

But, as I stated before, it’s a worthwhile holiday, and it often is whatever you choose to make of it. The day can be just another example of commercialisation, or it can be another opportunity to let your loved ones know they’re cherished. However you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, just know that it is valid.

If you’re in a romantic relationship and will be spending the day with your significant other, then that’s wonderful. I hope you have a lovely time together, and that you make sure each person knows they’re appreciated. If you’re single and totally okay with that, then good for you. There are many ways to spend Valentine’s Day. You can spend it at home relaxing, or take time for a self-care day; whatever you want. You don’t have to be in a relationship to enjoy Valentine’s Day.  

If you’re single and would rather be in a relationship, then be patient and make the most of the day, anyway. Rest assured, the right person will come along someday, and you’ll have many Valentine’s Day celebrations together. For now, maybe get together with friends or family and do something fun together. You could go out and have a nice meal, stay at home and chill, or see a movie in theaters. 

And finally, if you’re feeling especially lonely and depressed over the holiday, then please reach out. Contact close friends and family to see what they’re doing on Valentine’s Day. Be straightforward and honest about your feelings with them. If they truly care about you, chances are they will work you into their plans. Remember, there is always someone who cares. 

Regardless of how you spend this Valentine’s Day, I hope it’s a lovely, fulfilling day for you. I’m wishing all of you the very best; that’s what you deserve! 💗

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