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Feline Friday #15 – A Wonderful Cat Fountain!

I forgot to include a certain item in my Amazon cat products post from a couple weeks ago. It was this automatic cat fountain from Veken. We’ve had one for several months now, and our kitties use it every single day. They gather at the fountain daily, sometimes together, to lap up water. It’s the sweetest thing.

Kash and Karma drinking from the fountain!

Our cats for some reason refuse to drink from water bowls. Bell is the one exception, and even she uses a bowl minimally. But, this fountain constantly dispenses water, which makes it a great alternative. Plus, the fountain uses filters to ensure your cats drink only the most clean, clear water. I’d highly recommend it (and so would my cats)!

If you’d like to purchase this fountain, you can find it on Amazon here! And you can currently use a coupon to get $2.00 off!


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7 thoughts on “Feline Friday #15 – A Wonderful Cat Fountain!”

    1. Yes, it really is! It’s been great for my cats. They like to drink from the faucet, but we can’t leave that on all day. So, the fountain is a great alternative! Thanks so much for reading and commenting! 😄

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