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CIB Sunday #1 – ‘Luigi’s Mansion’

I’m going to make these posts a bimonthly feature. They’ll go up every other Sunday, to fit with CIB Sunday on social media. CIB stands for complete-in-box, and it’s commonly used to describe video games. If a game includes the cartridge, case, instruction booklet, and everything else it originally came with, it is considered to be CIB.

For my first CIB Sunday post, I have the Nintendo 3DS remake of Luigi’s Mansion! It was initially on the Nintendo GameCube, and I absolutely loved that version of the game. I remember playing the original Luigi’s Mansion for hours at a time. I had so much fun searching for each new ghost and finding all the little secrets.

Back then, I genuinely struggled playing the game because of its difficulty level. I’m happy to say, I had a much easier time playing it this go around. So, I guess my gaming skills have improved somewhat over the years. I felt extremely nostalgic going into the remake. I was super excited to discover everything again, and check out the newly added features.

Luckily, it turned out to be more than just nostalgia. I ended up adoring the 3DS remake. Although it wasn’t nearly as challenging for me as before, I still had so much fun replaying Luigi’s Mansion. It truly is such a good video game. Worthy of playing whether you’re new to the game or returning to it. I’d highly recommend giving Luigi’s Mansion a try!

If you’d like to get your own copy of Luigi’s Mansion, you can do so here on Amazon!


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