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My Brother is Now Selling Wax Melts!

Photo by Toby Scully

Something exciting has been going on in my life lately, and I’m really excited to tell all of you about it! For the past several months, my brother has been buying supplies to make his own wax melts. In the just the last month or so, he actually started making them. And this week, my brother listed his first wax melts on eBay!

As I said before, he’s worked on this for a while now. It’s something he has wanted to do, and my brother took steps to make that dream a reality. I’m SO proud of him and all he has done. Those dreams of his are now tangible, in the form of handmade wax melts.

My brother decided to call his line of wax melts, “Purrfect Wax” (he loves cats, too). This is fitting, as his logo is also a cat, and certain scents are even cat themed. The wax melts are entirely handmade out of grade 444 soy wax. And of course, they come in a variety of wonderful scents.

I was around while my brother made each batch, and let me tell you, each scent smells absolutely amazing. He currently has these fragrances available for purchase: Cinnamon Latte, Apple Maple Bourbon, Drakcat Noir (a play on Drakar Noir), Fruity Loops, and Tropical Detergent. They’re all so lovely, strong without being too overpowering.

Right now, my brother has a bulk listing on eBay where you can pick from any of the aforementioned scents. Each wax melt is priced at $10.00, and every additional wax melt in the same order is $1.00 off. Additionally, all wax melts weigh three ounces and consist of six cubes.

I’m overjoyed that my brother’s dreams are coming true. I am hoping he’ll have the utmost success with them, too. So, I want to do all I can to help my brother out. To that end, I’d be incredibly grateful if you could share this post, his listing link, etc.; whatever you’re comfortable with. I’m very grateful for the support. Thank you all!

Here is my brother’s listing on eBay!


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