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Feline Friday #17 – Unique Kitty Traits!

Cats are truly fascinating creatures. They’re much like humans, in that they each have their own unique characteristics and personalities. This is certainly the case with my four kitties, Zen, Bell, Kash, and Karma. They have different traits that set them apart and make them the cats they are.

Kash resting on a comfy pillow.

For example, Kash is a gentle, sweet boy that loves cuddles and pets. However, he does have a rather odd trait; Kash licks wooden structures like benches and door borders. Sometimes, he’ll randomly go in the bathroom and lick at the wooden bench we have there. Yeah, it’s definitely strange, and I can’t imagine why a cat would ever do this. But, it seems to be something Kash enjoys for whatever reason.

Bell, fast asleep and having kitty dreams.

Both my female cats, Zen and Bell, have a habit of chatting with birds. They both get really excited when they hear birds tweeting outside. The girls will race over to the window and start talking back. It’s very difficult to describe the sounds they make, but it is like the cats are trying to imitate birds and how they communicate with each other. Here’s a video of Zen speaking with birdies, so you can get a better idea of what it’s like!

So, those are a few interesting quirks my kitties have. Do any of your pets have odd traits? Let me know in the comment section! I’d love to hear all about them!

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