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Feline Friday #18 – Animal Shelters Need Support!

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As we all know, there’s been a lot going on in the world the past several weeks. Many lives have been upended and fundamentally changed by the pandemic that is COVID-19. But, animals have been affected by these shifts, too. The adoption rate for animals has lessened, but shelters are still functioning and rescuing them off the streets. Rescue shelters are taking in just as many animals as before, and with decreasing adoptions, they’re quickly running low on supplies. 

So, I want to spotlight some of the ways you can help these amazing shelters and organizations. They help care for the precious, vulnerable animals of this world, the same animals that we love and treasure. That is truly commendable. Right now, these organizations need help to continue doing what they do. If you’re able, please consider helping out in one of the following ways. 

Ways to Help

  • Foster an Animal – This is a great option for people who want to help, but may not be able to commit to adoption yet. Instead, you can temporarily care for a pet in the safety of your home. Doing this will still lighten the load for shelters. Plus, you’ll get a better idea of what caring for a pet full-time is like. And in these trying times, I think we can all use a bit of companionship from cute animals. I know my kitties have made me feel much better throughout all this. 
  • Adopt an Animal – This is one of the more obvious options. If you’ve been wanting to adopt for a while, and can handle the financial burden right now, then it’s a great time to adopt a pet. You’ll be providing a sweet animal with a loving home, and you will help your local shelter immensely. Additionally, you’ll have an adorable dog, kitty, rabbit, etc., to cuddle with! I think we all could use some fur baby cuddles! 
  • Donate Financially to a Shelter/Non-profit – Another surefire way to help is by donating money to your favorite shelter or animal centric organization. By donating financially, you can greatly assist them in buying food, medicine, and other  supplies they need for at risk animals. Your contributions allow them to keep caring for cats and dogs with no home. 
  • Donate Items to a Shelter/Non-profit – Of course you can donate money to an animal shelter, but sending essential items also helps a lot. In today’s world, many shelters have online wish lists set up. These make it simple and easy for people to see what shelters really need, then donate those items. Some shelters even have online stores you can order pet supplies and toys from. Large portions of those sales support their animals directly.

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Helpful Links

So, there are clearly many ways people can help. But, how can they deliver that help? Well, I’m going to include links for some of my favorite shelters and organizations, so you can easily support them. Here are just a few! 

  • Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) – This is the local organization I’m most familiar with. They’ve been around for years, and currently, the ARL is Iowa’s largest non-profit animal shelter. They really do great work in our community. Right now, they’re offering Name Your Price adoptions, which you can find out more about here. They also have a page for financial donations, along with an Amazon Wish List for physical items. In addition, the Animal Rescue League is part of the Full Bellies Food Fund, which asks for monetary donations for food specifically. The ARL even has their own online shop you can purchase from. You can find it here
  • The Cat House on the Kings – This is a no-cage, no-kill cat centric animal shelter located in California. According to their website, Cat House on the Kings is currently taking care of more than 700 cats, kittens, and dogs. They’re offering a great service for these sweet animals. Like the ARL, they accept financial donations, along with Amazon Wish List ones for physical goods. Furthermore, you can choose to sponsor an animal, sponsor a webcam, shop via their AmazonSmile page, and more. You can find out about these wonderful options here
  • Animal Humane Society – This is another kind, courageous shelter dedicated to helping animals and improving their lives. According to their website, the AHS looks after more than 22,000 animals in need every year. So, of course, they could certainly use a bit of extra assistance right now. You can make a financial gift, either one-time or monthly, for the shelter here. Additionally, you can find more information about their Amazon Wish List and donate to it through this link. Another good option is to purchase from their retail partners

These are undoubtedly tough, uncertain times. But, that means now more than ever, human kindness is vital. We must look out for one another, as well as the loveable animals that depend on us. Please consider supporting animal shelters and their efforts through the above links. And make sure to look into ways to assist your local shelters/organizations. Let’s band together to help our animal friends!

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