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The Women I’m Celebrating Today

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I’ve been so blessed to have some wonderful maternal figures in my life. They’ve taught me many lessons over the years, like how to be strong, and how to stick up for myself. Those same women have nurtured me with endless love and care, molding me into the person I am today. 

My grandma has watched over me since I was a child, at times spoiling me with tenderness, and at other times, bestowing me with firm guidance. My mother stayed at my side every time I was sick, tending to me until I felt better. When I came home from school, upset and nearly in tears, my mom would hold me tight, whispering that it would be okay. Through tempers and tantrums, my mother weathered it all with the patience of a saint, a smile always on her face. 

These amazing women have taught me to love and value myself, while still showing consideration to others. They’ve truly shaped me into the woman I am today, and I couldn’t be more thankful. These are just a few of the women that have influenced my life, but every woman is strong and beautiful in her own way. 

Although it is Mother’s Day today, the special women in our lives deserve to be treated with respect and care all year round. Every day is another chance to let those women know just how special they are. Because they deserve it. Always.

So, who are you celebrating today? I’d love to hear all about the amazing maternal figures in your lives! Feel free to leave a comment below and tell me about them! 💕

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