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Feline Friday #26 – Something Special!

I’ve talked about this in a few other Feline Friday posts, but seriously, the kitten days are so amazing. I’m very glad I’ve been able to spend that time with almost all of my cats so far. It never lasts for that long, as baby animals grow up so quickly. But I feel like that makes their brief youth all the more special. 

Seeing my cats stumble around the house, slowly learning to climb and jump; it truly is incredible to witness moments like this. I value each and every milestone I’ve watched my fur babies cross. Currently, I’m not a (non-furry) parent, but I imagine it’s similar for parents with their young children. It’s just a great feeling to see your children (furry or otherwise) grow up and develop, acquiring new skills along the way. And these days never last long, so we must treasure them while they do. 

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