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Black Lives Matter

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There’s been a lot going on these past couple weeks, from police brutality to protests against racism and police brutality. So, this is what I have to say on the matter. 

Police brutality, especially the likes of which we’ve seen recently, is absolutely not okay. There is never any reason, any excuse, any justification for what has been happening. That kind of violence is never alright, and it has to stop. 

All people should be free to live their lives without the fear of hate, judgement, violence, and other horrible threats. They shouldn’t have to feel afraid just walking down the street or going to the store. The fact that this is the situation for many people, and has been for numerous years, means that our country has failed them. America is touted as a place where freedom for all exists, where peace flourishes. Yet, American citizens are still being singled out for nothing other than the color of their skin, and by other American citizens, no less. 

Things have to change, our country has to change. We need to create a country that truly does practice freedom and equality for all, one that ensures peace. It shouldn’t just be a saying or a notion; these ideals should be present in all aspects of life. To do this, we must support one another and raise each other up. People are using their brave voices to protest and fight for a better future now. Let’s boost those voices and listen to what they’re saying, what they’ve been saying for years. 

And remember, black lives matter. All lives matter. Always. 

If you’d like to help, there are many ways to show your support. You can purchase from black owned businesses. You can sign petitions and contact your local officials. You can even do something as simple and easy as posting about it or sharing someone else’s post. And of course, there are many funds and organizations you can donate to. I’ll list some of the ones I know about below. 

Minnesota Freedom Fund –

We Love Lake Street –

Black Lives Matter –

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund –

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