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Feline Friday #30 – Cute Kitties Doing Cute Puzzles!

So, you know that Feline Friday post from several weeks ago? The one with Karma sitting on a puzzle, just like he put it together all by himself? Well, I’m very happy to say that I’m doing another post over my cats and puzzles today! 

Over the weekend, my family and I put together two different puzzles. One puzzle was of cats getting up to mischief in a bathroom (which is very fitting), while the other puzzle was of a vintage style cupcake display. Both puzzles ended up looking great once they were completely assembled. And of course, our cats wanted to check them out, too! 

Once again, both puzzles were taken over by our kitties! Karma lounged on the cupcake puzzle, looking incredibly proud of his creation. And Zenny claimed both puzzles, resting on each one like a regal queen. So I think it’s safe to say, if you put together a puzzle, a cat will immediately seek that puzzle out and claim it. But I’m totally okay with that! Just look at how cute these little babies are, after all! 😸

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