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Tasty, Tasty

Picture created with Canva

A succulently sweet taste, 

So light on the tongue

An explosion of flavor, 

Bursting with a fiery spice

The combination of sorrow 

And loneliness, a bitter mixture, 

Cloying in the mouth

An undertone of heavenly decadence, 

So thin, it’s almost lost

How wonderful, the delicious profile

Of the human soul

© 22 October 2019, by Haley Scully

Time kind of got away from me this weekend, so no CIB Sunday post for today. Sorry about that, guys! I always strive to make my posts the best quality they can be, and I didn’t feel I could achieve that in time. So, my next CIB post will be this coming Sunday, on June 21. I promise it will happen then. And once again, sorry about this. For now, I hope you enjoy this poem instead!

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