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Feline Friday #31 – Crab Kitties?!

If you’ve ever shopped on Amazon for cat products, you may have seen various Kitan Club Cat Caps for sale. They’re basically little bonnet-like hats for your kitties to wear, and they come in a blind box, or mystery, format. That way, you never know which hat you’ll receive; it’s always a fun surprise. Well, I’ve been eyeing these bonnets for a long time now, and I finally decided to take the plunge and buy one (much to the chagrin of my cats). I chose to go with Kitan Club’s “Aquarium” series. And we ended up with a cute little red crab bonnet. 

As you can imagine, my kitties were much less excited than I was when it arrived. By some miracle, my family and I actually managed to get the bonnet on each cat, even the more feisty ones (looking at you, Bell and Karma). The result was absolutely adorable! 

As you can see in the pictures below, the bonnet suited these little cuties very well. They all look so sweet and cute! Of course, this isn’t the type of thing you can have an animal wear for very long. But I’m glad we at least got pictures with all of the cats in it. I’m also thinking I need to get more of these Cat Caps in the future, haha! By the way, if you want to get one for your cats, you can find the series we ordered from here


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