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Simple Acts of Kindness

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Simple acts of kindness

All you have to do is wear a mask

Just stay at home until the situation 

Is proven to be under control 

Don’t participate in certain activities, 

You’ll have time for them later on

It isn’t a game, not a matter

To be trifled with or ignored

Follow the guidelines, 

Do what is best for others and yourself

Wear a mask, stay at home, 

Show consideration to the people around you

All easy things you can do, 

Steps that will undoubtedly help

Simple acts of kindness, 

What we must do to fight this

© 27 June 2020, by Haley Scully

I wrote this poem to express my opinion on the current pandemic situation, and I think it makes my stance quite clear. This isn’t a game, it’s not just a government conspiracy, it’s not fake. This pandemic is very very real, as evidenced by the thousands of people becoming sick and dying on a daily basis.

So please, stay at home whenever possible. And if you absolutely have to go out, then please wear a face mask. Stay as far away from other people as possible while you’re out. Follow the guidelines that have been laid out by official health organizations like the CDC. Most of all, please be kind to other people and show them the consideration you’d like to have for yourself. 


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