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Feline Friday #33 – Kitties and Fireworks!

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So, tomorrow is the Fourth of July holiday here in the United States! And you know what that means? Fireworks! Lots and lots of fireworks. My family and I typically don’t set off any fireworks, but I do think they’re very pretty to look at. 

However, in our neighborhood, there are several households that set off fireworks the entire week leading up to July 4th. Like I said before, I think fireworks are beautiful, and I enjoy seeing them. However, the noise they make is very very loud. And my cats really don’t like loud, sudden noises. Needless to say, the Fourth of July isn’t their favorite holiday. 

My kitties usually spend the whole day (and preceding week) running at the sound of fireworks and hiding around the house. Poor kitties! I feel terrible seeing them so scared. Zen and Bell are typically our brave, fearless kitties that don’t get scared by anything. Even they get freaked out by fireworks!

Fireworks are truly beautiful, but I wish people didn’t set them off all month long. It can be very frightening and jarring for pets, as well as people. Rest assured though, my cats will get plenty of cuddles and love over the next several days, and hopefully, that will help them get through it! 

I’d love to hear about your opinion on fireworks! If you have pets, do they also get scared by fireworks? Do you think people are too obnoxious with setting off fireworks? Or does it not bother you (or your pets) at all? Let me know in the comments below! 


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