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Feline Friday #34 – Kitties and Their Unique Personalities!

I find it really interesting how cats interact with different people and animals. Of course, kitties have unique personalities and traits, just like humans do. But, they respond to different people in such a wide range of ways. Karma, one of my male cats, acts differently towards each of my family members. 

For example, Karma gently rubs up against my brother’s legs when he wants treats. He also jumps up on the counter to paw at my brother’s hands, which is the cutest thing! With my mom, Karma rubs against her legs as well. But, he tends to lightly nip at her legs too. When dealing with my dad, Karma doesn’t pull any punches. He’ll straight up bite and scratch at my dad when he’s upset.

Karma, the cute kitty boy that loves treats!

Karma is usually quite gentle with me, and if he does nip, it’s just very lightly. I almost can’t even tell he’s biting. Zen has her own ways of interacting with the other kitties and us as well. She gets along well with her humans, but the other cats? Not so much. I guess Zen just feels more comfortable with her human friends than the feline ones. 

And then there’s Kash. He’s just the sweetest, most gentle boy; he gets along very well with kitties and humans. Kash enjoys grooming the other cats, and he loves getting cuddles from us. Each cat is truly so unique and different. It’s amazing how much their personalities and preferences differ. Really, kitties are like mini, furry humans! 😸

What unique traits and personalities do your fur babies have? I’d love to hear all about them! Let me know in the comments below! 

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