Emotions, Freestyle, Poetry, Writing

Disappointment’s Friend

Photo by Rafael Serafim on Pexels.com

Disappointment has become such a dear companion

Every day, we walk alongside one another, 

Hands intertwined in a vice grip that never gives

Our shadows meld together like murky puddles of ink

Everything that we do is in sync, now and forever

Disappointment has become one with my heart and soul, 

The one and only constant of my life

It’s the sole thing I can always have faith in

Late at night, it blankets me like a sheet of ivory snow, 

Lonely and cold, no comfort or warmth to offer

Disappointment has become my most beloved friend, 

Offering nothing but bittersweet pain

And inevitable ruin

© 12 July 2020, by Haley Scully

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