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Feline Friday #35 – Kitties and Agonizing Vet Visits!

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Last week, we had to take one of our kitties to the vet. It doesn’t matter what the visit is for; it could be for a routine checkup or a round of vaccinations, and I’d still worry to no end. We’ve been fortunate enough that we haven’t had to take our cats to the vet very often, and they’re all typically in fair health. But, I think it’s more the possibility that something could be wrong. It’s the chance that the veterinarian will discover a health issue, or that something will go wrong during the visit. 

I think I get especially anxious about veterinary appointments now because of something that happened with Kash as a kitten. He went in for his second round of vaccinations, and at first, everything seemed fine. But a few minutes after the vaccinations were administered, poor Kashy started vomiting and acting strange. We brought him home hoping that it was just a one time thing, but Kash continued to vomit once in the house. He was also acting lethargic and exhausted, like he had no energy at all. Kash sat on the same rug for a few hours straight, barely moving. 

As you can imagine, this was very scary for my family and I. We’d never seen a cat act this way, especially not after getting shots, and with Kash being just a couple months old at the time, we were really worried for him. Thankfully, Kash started improving after three to four hours. He finally moved away from the rug and got up for a drink of water. We were so happy to see him acting somewhat normal again, and to this day, I’m very grateful that Kash pulled through. But, this experience still sticks out to me. It shows that even the most routine checkup can take a downward turn. Things could’ve ended differently for Kash; thank goodness they didn’t.

Luckily, this particular visit was just for a general checkup and updating vaccinations. I’m really happy to say that the visit went incredibly well! In fact, it only lasted a few minutes, and then we got to see our fur baby again. So, this visit was just fine and nothing unexpected happened. But, I don’t think I’ll ever stop worrying myself sick over vet visits! I think it’s worse than having to go to the doctor myself! 

How about you? Do you also worry about vet appointments? Do you agonize over your pets having to go each and every time? Are we fellow worriers? Let me know in the comments below! 

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