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Photo by sk on Pexels.com

Cocoon me in your gentle arms, love

Protect me from this horrific nightmare of a world,

Holding me as a transformation overtakes

As the night passes on,

One ominous tick at a time,

I begin to slowly change

A warm embrace blankets me,

While silver wings sprout from my spine

Eventually, your firm hold gives way,

And with a spray of starlight dust,

I break free from the cocoon

That once contained me

Perhaps we’ll see each other again someday

Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of me

In the soft flutter of a moth’s wings

Please keep watching this beautiful transformation,

Keep watching me, my love

© 9 February 2020, by Haley Scully

This poem was inspired by a very interesting survival horror video game, PARANOIHELL. It’s about a woman trying to survive a crumbling nightmare of a city, and make it back home to her partner. The game is set in such a gritty and dark, but fascinating world. I really enjoyed it.

PARANOIHELL also happens to feature quite a bit of symbolism and imagery surrounding moths. Plus, there’s the romantic relationship mentioned before. Those were the two main inspirations for this poem. I hope you enjoy it!

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