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Feline Friday #36 / July Blog Brew Collab – Cat Themed Outfits Perfect for Summer!

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At the bottom of this post, I’ll have the schedule for all nine days of the July Blog Brew Collab! It will include all the other wonderful bloggers participating and links to their websites. These ladies are so talented, kind, and hard-working. Plus, they all post amazing, thoughtful content. Please consider visiting their blogs and following along with the Collab!

It’s time for another Blog Brew Collab post! This is a bit different from what I normally post for my Feline Friday feature, but I thought I’d go ahead and combine it with our Collab for this month. The Blog Brew theme for July is ‘summer,’ and my post is over cat themed outfits that are perfect for summer! 

The first piece of clothing I’d like to mention is this adorable “Avogato” t-shirt from Amazon! It’s cute, fun, and has a super adorable kitty on it. And what fits better with summer than avocado? It makes me think of something refreshing you’d eat to cool down on a warm, sunny summer day. This shirt’s also white, so you could pair it with just about anything and match well! 

Next, we have this incredibly cute women’s pajama set! I love that the shirt is a little understated, with a simple cat design and the word “meow” repeated underneath it. It’s subtle, but still very cute. And the shirt pairs so well with the vibrant, patterned shorts! I could definitely see myself wearing this set on a hot summer night, or just to lounge around the house during the day. 

Another outfit I’d like to point out is this wonderful dress from Allegra K! It’s stylish and elegant, but still shows your love for cats with the white kitty/paw print pattern all over it. I feel like this dress is professional enough to wear for a day of work. It would be perfect for a simple day out on the town, as well! And the sleeveless dress design will keep you cool even on the hottest of summer days! 

Here’s a shirt that would be great for the men in your life! I couldn’t find many cat themed clothes specifically for men, but I think this shirt is pretty good. It would be great for running errands, doing some yard work, or just spending a nice, relaxing day at home. Of course, the Hawaiian cat print still shows your love of cats with its fun, floral design! 

And next, we have another dress! This dress is technically listed as a nightgown, but I feel it could have multiple uses depending on how you style it. You could wear the dress on its own as a nightgown for when you sleep or lounge around the house. But, you could also match it with a pair of black leggings or bright leggings for a pop of color. With the neutral colors and simple design, the possibilities here are endless! 

Take a look at another stylish product from Allegra K! Much like the Allegra K dress mentioned before, I think this shirt could be great for wearing to work. The design is fun, quirky, and of course, features cats. But, it also has a sense of elegance and sophistication to it. Likewise, you could wear this shirt for a gathering or a day on the town. It’s very good for a variety of situations! 

For the last item, I have a super cute pair of pajama bottoms! These would probably be best for just staying inside or wearing to bed. Many clothes can match with them, though! I think most neutral t-shirts would pair well with these bottoms. The “Avogato” shirt from earlier would probably fit very well, due to the matching green colors. Even with a plain top, these pajama pants would be adorable and make a statement! 

Well, that’s all for my post! I hope these suggestions are able to help you find some cute, stylish cat themed clothes you may not have known about before. Use them to put together the purrfect outfit for any occasion! 😸


All clothing images in this post lead to their respective Amazon pages once clicked. I may earn a small commission from purchases made through links/images in this post, as part of the Amazon Affiliates program. Your purchase helps to support my blog and I.

Remember to check out the other blogs and bloggers in the Blog Brew Collab! They truly deserve the support and love. You can find them and follow along by using the schedule below! 

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