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Blog Update and Explanation

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I’m so sorry I haven’t been very active this week! I haven’t been able to keep up with my regular blog schedule, as quite a few things converged at the beginning of the week to make that difficult. On Monday, a powerful storm hit the Midwest region of America. Its winds were on par with those of a hurricane; the storm was that strong. 

This storm resulted in damages and power outages across several states, leaving millions of people without electricity, internet, and other functions. It even toppled trees and left some people with significant damage to their homes. The storm was the worst one I’ve ever personally experienced, and I think it may be one of the worst in my state’s entire history. It was seriously bad. Scary, too. 

I consider my family and I very lucky in that we didn’t have anything worse happen. We were without electricity for about a day, and accordingly, our internet provider was also down. We didn’t gain access to the internet again until yesterday afternoon. Aside from that, we had some fallen branches around the house and a bit of fairly minor damage to our fence. Like I said, we were incredibly fortunate to make it out with so little damage. 

I’ve heard about trampolines blowing away during the storm, entire trees toppling down, branches crashing through windows, and other very scary things happening. So, yeah, my family’s lucky nothing was worse for us. It was pretty terrifying, and we lost electricity for a little while. But, we’re all safe and sound. That’s what truly matters. 

Because of the storm and its fallout, though, I wasn’t able to post at all up until now. So, as you can imagine, my blog schedule went really awry this week. No Monday Motivation post (although I did have one written up), no Feline Friday feature, and no poetry. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to post any new content for you guys. I know it was entirely out of my control, but it still sucked not being able to post or provide any updates, especially with how sudden the storm was. 

Since I’ve already missed most of my weekly features, I’m just going to postpone them until next week. Normally, I would also have a CIB Sunday post coming up tomorrow, but I think I’m going to move that to next week as well. I want to take the next couple days easy and just upload more simple posts like poetry. I’ll save all the feature posts for next week when I can actually publish them on time. So, you’ll have plenty of new content then! 

Once again, I just want to say I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t make any of you worry with the lack of updates, and if I did, I’m very sorry for that. I am currently safe and doing well, thankfully. Whatever’s been going on in your lives, I hope you’re also taking care and staying safe. Thank you so much for following along with my blog and reading my content! It truly means more to me than words can say. 💖

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