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The Dragon

Picture created with Canva

Feared for ages, 

Thought to be a mindless beast, 

The dragon rests on a mountain

Of fire and brimstone

Viewed as a monster, 

Labeled as a killer, 

The dragon remains in its home

It wishes only for peace, 

A quiet, undisturbed life

But, the humans never understand that, 

And what they don’t understand, 

They try to break

Legions of knights sent 

To slay the great beast, 

All failing in the end

Until one day, 

A princess came along

Gentle and kind-hearted, 

She met the dragon

With nothing but serenity, 

And for years, they lived 

In tranquil harmony

For after all this time, 

The dragon had finally

Found a true friend

© 11 October 2019, by Haley Scully


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