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Happy Labor Day!

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Happy Labor Day! This is such an important day to recognize and celebrate our helpful, talented, and amazing workers. But, it’s also vital to let our workers know they’re appreciated and cared for all year round, not just on Labor Day. The world couldn’t function properly without all the hard work, effort, and tremendous heart workers put into their jobs. So much of this work is crucial to things running smoothly and properly, yet it often goes unnoticed and unacknowledged. 

This desperately needs to change. We need to always show our workers that they’re important and appreciated, both as individuals and for the work they do. Please, the next time you’re in a store, a fast food place, a gas station, wherever, thank the employees there for their hard work. Give them thanks, a smile, and maybe even well wishes. Kindness can have a profound impact on people, even from seemingly small actions. You could end up making someone’s entire day. 

Be one of the reasons that an employee smiles today, and any other day you happen to be around workers. Make sure they know they’re truly appreciated, that they’re more than just their job. And remember, whether you’re a crafter, artist, author, teacher, clerk, waiter/waitress, banker, or something else, you are seen and appreciated. Thank you for all the work you do. I hope you can use this day to relax and get some well deserved rest. Sending much love to you all! 💗


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