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Feline Friday #42 – Merry Band of Bug Hunters!

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To all those who have fur babies, I’m just wondering, do they go after any and every bug they find? I ask this because my kitties always go wild whenever they find an insect in the house, especially flying ones. The day turns from peaceful to our cats stampeding around all over the house and us frantically trying to shield our faces as we inevitably get caught in the crossfire. These incidents always result in chaos amongst the kitties, as they desperately try to chase the insect down and best one another in slaying it. 

So, you could say we have an entire band of bug hunters in our house! They’re always at the ready when it comes to combating creepy crawlies. But, our most skilled bug hunter of all is little Bell. That’s right; not only is Bell a superhero, she’s also a masterclass bug hunter. Because of this, she carries the title of “Bella the Bug Hunter”, along with “Super Bell”. 

Bell, our resident bug hunter!

Seriously, it doesn’t matter if an insect is flying around, chilling on the ceiling, or crawling across the floor (ugh!), Bell will find it. She’s just that skilled. I’m honestly surprised by how easily Bell is able to pinpoint insects and track them. It’s almost like she has a built-in “bugdar” or something, haha. 😸

Do your fur babies go wild over bugs, too? Will they do anything, including pouncing on their humans, to catch those critters? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear all about your little bug hunters! 

You can read more about why my family calls Bell “Super Bell”, by clicking the button below! It’ll take you to one of my past Feline Friday posts where I talked about that!


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