Dark, Freestyle, Poetry, Writing

The Blame Game

Photo by Gladson Xavier on Pexels.com

Point your finger and blame another

Stray from all your problems, 

It’s so much easier to run or hide

Mask the pain festering deep inside, 

Weaponize it against others 

When your fragile ego sees fit

Wallow in the self pity you indulge, 

Taking out your dissatisfaction on any target

Complain about what they did, what they said

Like it justifies the suffering you readily sow 

Shatter every reflection around you, 

Never one to face the liar staring back

Direct your internal anger at those you love, 

Snapping over anything they say or do

Point your finger and blame another again,

It’s a twisted game you only play to win

© 5 September 2020, by Haley Scully


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