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Feline Friday #43 – A Message about Black Cats

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I know my Feline Friday posts are typically on the lighter, carefree side, but today, I’d like to talk about a more serious issue. With both the fall season and Halloween quickly approaching, I feel it’s an important one to address. You know that old superstition about black cats bringing misfortune if you cross their path? Please, please, don’t buy into that. 

Black cats already face cruelty and abuse all year round because of this outdated, distasteful superstition. Some people believe in it to the point they honestly believe black cats are evil or will bring them terrible luck. Around Halloween, many shelters won’t even adopt out black kitties, in the fear that people will use them for sacrifices, rituals, and other horrible practices. That’s incredibly heartbreaking to me, as no animal should ever be treated this way, and especially not because of silly, centuries old superstition. In no way are black cats bringers of misfortune. They are not evil or anything like it. 

Here’s what black cats are, though. They’re sweet, precious, and beautiful creatures that deserve to be treated with love, kindness, and respect. Like any other domestic animal, they deserve to have loving forever homes, with humans who will always care for and protect them. Black kitties should be able to go about their lives and continue living without facing this kind of terrible cruelty. 

So, please, always treat all animals with kindness and love. Look out for strays if you can, as cats are naturally loving creatures and don’t necessarily know some people have ill intentions. Remember to report any animal abuse or neglect to your local police department and animal shelter. The next time you’re looking to adopt a feline friend, please consider choosing a black kitty companion, as they often go without adoption because of superstition as well. And most importantly, please just be kind to all animals. They’re precious and absolutely deserve it.


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    1. Yes, much agreed! With both humans and cats, black lives do matter. I wish that people in general were more tolerant, accepting, and kind. But, we fortunately have many kind, encouraging people to balance out those who may not be as tolerant. πŸ’—

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