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Feline Friday #44 – Remember Me Thursday and Adoption Stories

I’m a bit late with this, since Remember Me Thursday was yesterday, September 24. But, I think the mission of this movement is one that’s very important all year round. So, I’d like to take a moment to talk about exactly what that goal is and share my own adoption stories. 

You might be wondering, what is Remember Me Thursday? For eight years now, this movement has been vigilantly working to decrease the number of euthanized pets and increase awareness of why pet adoption is so important. The Remember Me Thursday event is meant to honor the shelter and orphan pets who have already been lost, while raising awareness of and promoting pet adoption. Every year, influencers and bloggers come together to share their own rescue pets and promote Remember Me Thursday. 

To me, this is such a vital mission and message. So many sweet, precious animals have already been lost because they weren’t adopted in time. But, many pets have also been saved by the loving people who adopt and rescue them. That’s why adoption is so, so important. It gives animals a chance at a new life and saves the animals that desperately need a forever home. And if you’re already looking for a pet, adopting one is so easy to do. It even saves precious lives. 

My family and I have adopted a few of our cats, and today, I’d like to share their stories. In July of 2018, our cat of 17 years, Romeo, passed away in our home. He’d been with us for so many years and life events. Romeo was one of the sweetest, most gentle cats, too; he was always looking out for us and cuddling with people when they needed it most. We were absolutely devastated by his passing, and I know on that day, we were all left with a void in our hearts. 

Our sweet Romeo. He will forever be in our hearts.

About a month after Romeo’s passing, we started looking into adopting another kitty. The pain was still very much raw and fresh (we’re still feeling it even now), but we thought maybe it was time to give a loving forever home to a new cat. One day, my parents went to our local PetSmart store, which works in conjunction with our community animal shelter, to see which kitties needed homes. There, they saw a new litter of kitties, tiny floofballs with white and dusky orange fur. My parents were already completely enamored with this litter, so my dad and I went back a couple days later to visit with one of the kittens.

This particular kitten happened to be Karma, our feisty, but sweet kitty boy. We fell in love with him during the visit, watching Karma run all over the room and flip around with such energy. And when we held Karma in our arms, we just knew. So, we filled out the adoption papers and by the next day, we received the call that our family was approved to adopt little Karma. Being as excited as we were, we rushed to the store the same day and took him home. Karma has been a definite blessing in our lives ever since. 

It had been several days since we adopted Karma, when my family and I began thinking about the other babies in his litter. There had been three or four other kittens with him at the time, and it made us sad to think they were still waiting for homes, with their brother now gone. We ended up going back to PetSmart to check on that same litter; it turned out there were still two baby kitties left, one which we’d almost met with instead of Karma. So, we met with that kitten instead, and just a few days later, we went home with yet another sweet fur baby. This is the story of how we adopted our kitty bros, Karma and Kash. 

I can’t even begin to describe how much these two kitty boys have changed our lives. Karma can have a temperament, but is also one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever known. He loves Temptations brand cat treats and begs for them throughout the day. He chases mylar crinkle balls all around the house, often losing them under various pieces of furniture. 

Karma’s brother, Kash, is the most gentle mama kitty ever. This fluffy boy is always grooming and cuddling the other kitties, even when they’re being feisty. He doesn’t like to tussle with the other kitties, either; Kash is a lover, not a fighter. Kash also rests with us humans all day long, curling up in a ball on our laps for hours at a time. 

Both these boys are so special, and we’re incredibly lucky to have them in our lives. They came to us at a time when my family and I were really hurting, still suffering from our loss of Romeo. These kitties helped to fill a deep void in our hearts and continue to enrich our lives every single day. We’re so very grateful to have them. Honestly, I feel that they saved us too. 

Karma and Kash, the kitty bros, resting together like the adorable cats they are.

If you’d like to find out more about Remember Me Thursday and their mission, you can check out the official website here. The event is technically over for the year, but pet adoption is something that’s important to share and talk about the entire year. We should always advocate for adoption and rescuing the fur babies who need it. So, let’s all continue to do our part! 💗


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