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Feline Friday #46 – Kitty Costumes!

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I know we still have a while to go until Halloween, but I’m just wondering, do you dress up your pets for the occasion? Or have you ever done so? I’d love to put cute costumes on my kitties, but they would be so mad, haha. Knowing Bell, she wouldn’t even give us a chance to don her in a Halloween costume. It’s super fun to think about different costume themes and ideas for the cats, though. 

A while ago, my family and I decided a Super Mario Bros theme would work really well for our cats. It would also be absolutely adorable, but that’s just a given. Anyway, Karma and Kash would of course be the aforementioned Super Mario Bros, with Karma as Luigi and Kash as Mario. Then, Bell would be either Princess Peach or Princess Daisy (I think yellow might be more her color, but I can’t decide). And last, but certainly not least, Zen, with her fiery temper, would be the fearsome Bowser. I think this is such a cute idea, although it’ll probably never happen with my feisty kitties. 😸

Have you ever dressed up your fur babies? Do you have any costume ideas you want to try out with them? Let me know in the comments below! 

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