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Feline Friday #47 – Kitties Watching Spooky Movies!

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Fall is easily my favorite season of all, with an abundance of activities I adore. Bundling up with a cozy blanket, a mug of delicious hot chocolate or apple cider, and a good book. Watching leaves drift to the ground in vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow. Cuddling with kitties on the couch for a spooky movie night. I love it all so, so much. 

However, my favorite activity may be settling down with my family and cats to watch a creepy movie perfect for Halloween. Not only do I get to watch a spooktacular horror movie, I get to do so with my favorite people and fur babies around me. Whether the film ends up being good or not, it’s always so fun to watch movies and shows with other people. It gives you the opportunity to connect with them over a shared activity/experience. And if the movie happens to be genuinely scary, having your fur babies nearby is incredibly comforting. You can cuddle into their warm fur and hide from all the spookiness on screen, haha.Β 

My mom and I have watched horror movies almost every night this week, and also almost every night, we’ve had a kitty chilling with us while we do so. Shortly after we start a movie, one or more of our cats will leap onto the couch with us and rest. Most often, Bell is the kitty that braves the terror with us. Bell will sit between us the entire time, like she’s watching out for us and making sure we stay safe. It’s one of the cutest, sweetest things I’ve ever seen! She’s a good kitty girl and deserves all the pets. πŸ˜ΊπŸ’—

2 thoughts on “Feline Friday #47 – Kitties Watching Spooky Movies!”

    1. Thank you!! 😊 My mom and I have always been big fans of horror, so we often watch spooky movies together, especially in October. It’s been really nice. And of course, it’s even better when cute kitties join in, haha. πŸ˜ΊπŸ’—

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