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Begin Again

Photo by Rahul on Pexels.com

The cycle begins again

The same narrow halls, 

Barren, devoid of all sound

The peeling walls cluttered

With old photographs, 

Solemn reminders of the past 

Joy, laughter, love, 

A time that once was

Now drenched in sin, 

No more

As you press on, 

Glimpses of past mistakes

Flash before your weary eyes

Hushed whispers ring out, 

Echoing against the shifting walls

Like determined parasites, 

They dig at your mind

Blood drips from places unknown, 

Trickling down, down, down

Crimson covers the faded wood floors

As you continue, 

You see more and more

You witness the sin you’ve wrought,

The malevolence your actions brought 

Over and over again,

You’re scathingly reminded

This hellish nightmare was your fault, 

Guilt and sorrow the only results

The evil you allowed to mold, 

No longer loved ones left to hold

Forever, you are told

The missteps you’ve made, 

The price you will pay

As you step through the oak door, 

Its hinges shrilly creaking, 

The cycle begins again

© 18 February 2019, by Haley Scully


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