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Feline Friday #49 – Beggars’ Night Kitties!

Picture created on Canva

Today is Beggars’ Night, also known as Trick-or-Treat night for many. It also happens to be the day before the official holiday of Halloween! So, whether you’re staying at home to cuddle with your fur babies and loved ones for a spooky movie night, or going out to collect the most candy you can, I hope you have a fantastically spooktacular night! 

Whatever you may be doing to celebrate the day, remember to do so in a safe manner as well. And if you have outdoor kitties, please keep a very close eye on them, especially over these last few days of Halloween. Not all people treat animals with kindness and respect, so we need to keep our fur babies safe. This can be a particularly dangerous time of the year for cats, so please, just be careful and watch over them. 

Other than that, have a spooky, but safe rest of the Halloween season! I hope you have plenty of horrific fun and delicious candy for these next couple days! Oh, and if you end up doing anything to celebrate Halloween, I’d love to hear about it. Let me know in the comments below! 

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