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CIB Sunday Update

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Hi! I’m here with a small blog update today. Following my usual blog schedule, this would be one of the days I post a CIB Sunday feature over a complete-in-box video game I own. But, I haven’t really decided on a particular game to cover this week. More importantly, I’m feeling a bit burnt out and drained at the moment. Not with the blog or posting, but with some other aspects of my life. 

I think I just need a little break and time to take things easy. Since my CIB Sunday posts are some of the longest and most intensive ones I write, I’m going to take some time off from them. Hopefully, I’ll be back to writing them next week, and can give you a new CIB post this coming Sunday; I’ll make sure to keep you all updated. For today, I’m going to post new poetry on the blog instead. I hope you enjoy that, even though it isn’t what I’d normally post on a Sunday. Take care and stay safe! 💗


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