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Feline Friday #52 – Thanksgiving for Fur Babies!

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Do you typically celebrate Thanksgiving with your fur babies? If so, what do you do to make the day special for them? Do you prepare them a grand Thanksgiving themed meal? Do they get showered in even more love and affection than usual? I’m wondering because the American Thanksgiving holiday is coming up very quickly. In fact, by my next Feline Friday post it’ll have already passed!

My family and I normally share our turkey dinner with the kitties, offering them scraps of tender, juicy turkey and piles of warm mashed potatoes. Now, this sounds great for our cats, but surprisingly, only one of four kitties will actually eat these foods. Zen is the sole cat in this household that actually enjoys feasting on turkey each year. We discovered this last year when we tried to offer the cats turkey for Thanksgiving. Our kitty bros, Kash and Karma, actually ran away from it, while Bell sniffed at the turkey and disinterestedly walked off. So, that was a bit of a fail, haha. 

However, one thing we can always do for our fur babies all year-round is show them how much they’re loved and cared for. One of my favorite things to do on Thanksgiving, or really any day of the year, is to curl up with my kitties on the couch and rest together. In my opinion, this is the perfect activity after spending the day munching on good food and socializing with family members and friends. All that can leave you exhausted, so cuddling with fur babies is a great way to unwind and end the day. It also lets your little loved ones know how much you care about them and enjoy spending time together. 


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