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Feline Friday #53 – Thankful for the Kitties!

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With this being the season of giving and thankfulness, I think it’s only fitting I talk a bit about what I’m grateful for this year. Of course, I’m incredibly thankful for my family as a whole. But, there are a few particular furry family members I greatly appreciate; my four sweet kitties, Zen, Kash, Karma, and Bell. I believe that fur babies aren’t talked about as much when it comes to this sort of feeling, so I just want to say how my cats have made a difference in everyday life for me. 

Fur babies are eternal companions, and forever friends. I definitely feel that this is true with my own kitties. Even on my worst days, just a visit or cuddle with one of my cats is enough to immediately make me feel better. The cats just have this calming, relaxing aura to them. Every time one of my babies comes over to me, whether it be for pets, attention, treats, or to check on me, my heart is filled with such warmth. Seeing their cute little faces brings me more reassurance and comfort than anything else. 

Without a doubt, my kitty babies have made daily life so much better for me, and they continue to enrich my life in new, different ways all the time. Honestly, I don’t think my life would be complete without my cats at my side, clamoring for treats and belly rubs. I may help feed and care for my kitties, but they do so much more for me. Every single day, they make life that much more worthwhile, and for that, I will always be grateful to live with these adorable, amazing creatures. 

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