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Feline Friday #55 – Fur Babies Are the Best!

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This week, my family and I are in quarantine after being exposed to the terrible virus that shall not be named here. Accordingly, my anxiety has been off the charts lately, worrying about myself, my family, and us developing symptoms. But, our kitties are here with us, too. And as usual, they make everything better! 

I know I’ve said this before, but cats are such sweet, loving, and comforting animals. They truly reassure us and enrich our lives in the best ways, even in the toughest times. I’ve been really worried, but my kitties always make me feel better about things. Of course, I’ve also been keeping some distance from my cats, to try to protect them in case I’m sick. But, just seeing them run about the house and play together makes me feel so much better. It’s very soothing and heartwarming to see. 

Our precious fur babies are forever friends and eternal companions. We may feed our pets and clean up after them, but they do so much more for us. They comfort, reassure, and love us unconditionally. Fur babies really are the best! 😻💗

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