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Feline Friday #56 – Christmas is Almost Here!?

Photo by Henda Watani on

I don’t know about all of you, but I for one cannot believe that Christmas is already almost here! It seems like the holiday really snuck up on my family and I this year, which seems to be the case for many people. So, as you can probably imagine, we’ve been scrambling to decorate our tree, get out holiday shopping done, wrap presents, and do other various Christmas related things. 

I’m sure my kitties think we’ve all absolutely lost it right about now. Or, they might think we’re just acting in the foolish, nonsensical manner humans typically do. Who knows, they might even be cackling at us from the shadows. Either way, I’m sure it’s all quite the spectacle for my cats. I think it’s probably a lot of fun for them, too. 

Christmas preparation also includes a lot of wrapping paper, packaging, plastic, and other knick knacks for the kitties to play with. To be honest, the cats aren’t very helpful with those preparations; their main contributions are tearing up wrapping paper, biting at scissors for said paper, and trying to eat ribbons. But, it’s always nice to see them have so much fun! And I know the holidays are always a fun, joyful time for them! 

How are your Christmas preparations coming along? Are your fur babies also impeding them, or maybe actually helping? Do they go wild at this time of year? Let me know in the comments below! 😄

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