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Feline Friday #57 – Christmas Kitties in 2020!

One of my favorite parts of Christmas day each year is getting to see how my kitties react to it. This has always been one of the most memorable aspects for me. Christmas is definitely an exciting day for us humans, but I think it’s even more so for fur babies, and judging from my own cats, this is most certainly the case. They’re regularly spoiled anyway, but my kitties get even more extra attention and gifts than usual during the holidays. And that means even more excitement for them! 

My fur babies experienced plenty of fun, excitement, and playing this morning after being given their new kitty toys and treats. They ran around and played with various toys for about an hour, scampering all over the house. One cat would play with a certain toy for a bit, then cycle to a different one; the kitties did this over and over again. Eventually, as most cat shenanigans do, this ended in the cats finally tiring themselves out and going to sleep. After that, we had a warm, cozy house full of slumbering kitties instead. This will always be one of the best parts of Christmas for my family and I. 

Enjoy some cute kitty pics from Christmas morning! πŸ˜ΊπŸ’—

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