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Feline Friday #59 – The Wonderful Sounds Kitties Make!

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*Warning: This post discusses the loss of a pet and the aftermath of it, so it contains content some people may be uncomfortable with. If this sounds like it might be the case for you, then you may want to stop reading here or exit out of the post.*

I absolutely love the sound of my kitties running about the house, dashing after various toys, playing with one another, and meowing all the while. Those are such wonderful noises, ones that always brighten my day and make life better. This is a bit of a sad story, but I didn’t realize how much I’d miss those noises until my family and I lost Romeo, our senior cat of 17 years. At the time, the only other kitty we had was Zenny, and once Romeo passed, the house was filled with a sorrowful, pervading silence. Zen has always been more of a quiet cat, but it was as if she could tell she’d lost a beloved friend, too. The poor girl would sit in spots Romeo used to frequent, just silently staring into the distance. 

To be completely honest, the whole situation was depressing and heartbreaking. But, now that we have a house full of kitties again, that silence has faded over the past few years. Now that we’ve gone through that, and experienced the loss of a dear friend, I’ve come to appreciate all those precious sounds even more. The fact of the matter is, I won’t be able to hear those noises forever, or spend an eternity with my fur babies. So, much like with people, I need to appreciate them and spend time with my babies while we’re still here together. 

That’s why, today, I’m so grateful and overjoyed to hear the sound of my cats stampeding through the house, chasing after each other like a herd of elephants. I love the noise of springs (one of Kash’s favorite toys) and other various toys crashing against the floor as they’re vigorously played with. And I also adore the sound of my kitties scratching against the sides of their litter boxes, whether it’s in the middle of the night or not. I love all of it, just like I love my sweet fur babies with all my heart. I wouldn’t give that up or trade it for anything. 


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