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Feline Friday #61 – A Poem for Feline Friends!

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For many of us, this has been a historical week full of renewed hope, promise, and potential. After all this time, we’re finally looking ahead to the future with smiles on our faces and tranquility in our hearts. So I think this would also be a great week for another fun, carefree cat themed poem, perfect for today’s Feline Friday feature. I wanted to share something lighthearted and joyful to celebrate this week and all the good that’s happened throughout it. I hope you enjoy my poem about feline friends and their purrfect qualities!

Feline Friends

Kitties dance and prance throughout the house, 

While other cats are still, dreaming of plump mice in their sleep

Feisty felines bat at one another for the beloved fish toy, 

Growling and yowling with the ferocious nature of a lion

Sweet kitties cuddle on the couch, furry limbs sprawled about

Others lounge around on the floor like the cool cats they are

No matter the day, or the hour, feline friends are always busy

Having fun and doing whatever their independent hearts desire

© 22 January 2021, by Haley Scully


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