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Feline Friday #63 – Best Kitty Bros Forever!

I’ve talked about this a bit before, but it’s been a while since I wrote about my kitty bros, Kash and Karma, and how we came to adopt both of them. My family adopted Karma just a while after our senior kitty, Romeo, passed away. It was so quiet in the house without him, and we could tell Zen was upset over losing her friend of several years. So my dad and I went to our local shelter in the hopes of finding another cat companion for Zenny. Luckily, we found handsome little Karma and immediately fell in love with him. In just 30 minutes or so, we’d filled out an adoption form for Karma, and a day later, we got the go ahead to bring him home! 

That was one of the happiest days of my life. I remember being overjoyed and ecstatic to have a new kitten around, as well as a friend for Zen. My family and I all adored having Karma around, while Zenny was less enthusiastic at first, haha. Eventually, we decided we wanted to adopt another kitten so that Karma had a playmate. A few of Karma’s siblings had still been in the shelter waiting for homes when we adopted him, so we went back and saw that, fortunately, one of his brothers was still left. That cute little guy ended up being Kash! 

To this day, Karma and Kash are the best of bros and friends. They play together, have regular grooming sessions with each other, and generally look out for one another. I’m so glad Kash was still waiting when we returned to the shelter. And I’m very glad we were able to adopt him as well, keeping these two kitty bros together. I think I speak for my entire family when I say we’re incredibly grateful and joyful to have these two precious boys in our lives.

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