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Feline Friday #64 – Karma, the Cat Model!

My family and I like to joke that Karma, one of our two male cats, has immense swag because he has quite the hip sway and proudly struts around the house with it. This is no joke, though. Whenever my family goes to take a picture of Karma, he just strikes handsome pose after pose, almost as if he’s part of a kitty fashion show. He really shows off for the camera. And after seeing all the impressive, often humanoid poses Karma pulls off effortlessly, I’m convinced he is training to become a fulltime kitty model! Or maybe he already is one? 😆

Check out the pictures below, and I think you’ll see what I’m talking about! This cat is too good at photo shoots, haha. I feel Karma might be showing off at this point. 😹😸

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