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Fog Shroud

Photo by Mateusz Sałaciak on Pexels.com

Within my mind, 

A dense shroud of fog confines all

It muddles the light ahead

As I walk along a crumbling path, 

Bits of concrete giving way

And falling to an untimely death

Their remains drift through the night sky, 

Ashen memories of a life once lived

In the thick silence, 

Their lonely echoes stay, 

Mementos of an unchangeable past

In the ivory walls, 

Their wails resound like bells ring, 

The sound crisp and clear

Within my mind, 

A dense shroud of fog

Obscures an unthinkable reality 

© 27 April 2020, by Haley Scully

This poem was somewhat inspired by the Silent Hill video game series. These games have a strong focus on psychological horror, with events that blur the lines between reality and fiction. They often leave you questioning exactly what has just happened or if any of it was actually real. And that style of a blurred, questionable reality is what led to me writing this particular piece. I wanted it to have that same type of psychological horror, one that makes you wonder what the reality is, what the truth is. Feel free to let me know your thoughts on this poem and how I did with incorporating that concept!


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